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Personalized Service To Meet Your Individual Hearing Needs!

Are you having trouble with your hearing? Ready for help?

We realize you’ve arrived at an important decision in your life – to reconnect with the world around you, at Healthy Hearing Centre Inc. our personalized approach reflects that!

As well-versed, professional purveyors of hearing aids, when the hearing-impaired of Dundas and Kitchener suffer, Healthy Hearing Centre Inc. is here to assist with the latest in hearing aid technologies. Our core mission as professional hearing aid specialists is to offer the best, most effective, up-to-date hearing solutions for each customers’ individual need and hearing condition.

Why continue suffering hearing frustrations each and every day when a hearing aid could change your life?

With our hearing aids, you can go about your business and social interactions without interruption. Give Healthy Hearing Centre Inc. a call to set up an appointment today!

Moxi Now:
"Life's smallest moments are often the sweetest.”
Get the most out of all of life's little moments. Even though Moxi Now is the world's smallest hearing aid in its class, it has an enormous impact on the way you hear. It's so discreet, you'll hardly notice it on your ear. But you will absolutely notice how it automatically makes listening comfortable, easy and natural.
Moxi Fit R:
"You're looking at the world's smallest rechargeable hearing aids. One battery. Thousands of conversations.”
Not only will you love the discretion of Moxi Fit R Hearing aids, you'll love how easy they are as well! Simply charge them overnight and you’ll be ready for conversations all day. And if you ever forgot to charge, you can swap in traditional zinc-air batteries, so you're never without power of hearing!

[Legal disclaimer: Moxi Fit R is the smallest rechargeable hearing instrument in the world based on exterior dimensions, compared to other products in its class.]